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  • To promote research skills in advanced mobile computing, embedded systems design, embedded robotics, mobile robot designs andapplications, on-chip systems, software engineering and application of software in embedded systems, system modeling, ad-hoc networks, and research fields relevant to the courses conducted in all RUPP departments.

  • To participate in regional/international research projects / activities.

  • To provide RUPP graduates with in-depth knowledge and professional skills, allowing them to effectively work as high school teachers, and within other government or private sectors.

  • To equip RUPP students with analytical skills for problem solving using scientific knowledge and appropriate technology.

  • To provide necessary I.T. services to the entire university.

  • To impart professional computer skills and knowledge to senior government officials and professionals working for local and international organizations in Cambodia.

Contact Info

Deputy Director:

Mr. Ngorn Moi
Room #217B, Campus I
Tel: (855) 92-855-092


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