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Doctor of Education Program

The Doctor of Education (EdD) is an advanced degree program aimed at developing new knowledge and original thinking, as well as advanced understanding, skills, and professional values in educational practitioners. The program also provides participants the opportunity to conduct original research in the field of education that is of interest to each participant, with the assistance of an experienced faculty supervisory staff. Graduates of this program are expected to exert leadership in the field of education and deal with those aspects and problems in society that need to be taken into account in advancing educational thought, policy development, and practice, especially where these concern the social role of the school and other educational agencies. The program aims at producing capable, independent education researchers, education professionals, schoolteachers, educational leaders, and educational practitioners in their field of studies.

Expected Learning Outcomes
Students who successfully complete the doctoral program are expected to be able to:

  • demonstrate a mastery of knowledge and skills in synthesizing the fundamental methods, underlying theories, seminal work, critical analysis, and empirical research in education;
  • engage in advanced study and research with scholars in areas of specialization including curriculum and instruction, educational leadership, educational foundations, educational policy, and lifelong learning studies;
  • identify, explain, and critique the major paradigms, theories, and conceptual frameworks for understanding their disciplines;
  • design, develop, and implement a research project to systematically investigate a research problem;
  • analyse, evaluate, and interpret data, synthesising key ideas, and theorising within the context of empirical research in education;
  • demonstrate substantial communication skills to present a complex investigation of original research through reports and formal presentations; and
  • demonstrate autonomy, ethical practice, adaptability, and responsibility as an independent scholar.

Contact Info

Dr. Sok Soth
210B, Building A, Royal University of Phnom Penh