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Strategic Planning 2007-2011

The following are the short-term strategic goals of the Department of Foundation Studies, developed in accordance with available human resources and materials:

  1. To accept the number of students appropriate to available teaching materials and faculty staff;

  2. To equip all Foundation Year students with the general and specialized knowledge they require to successfully continue studies towards a Bachelors Degree;

  3. To boost teaching staff by hiring capable lecturers who have with a level of skill and knowledge acceptable to the Accreditation Committee of Cambodia;

  4. To maintain and promote lecturers who are enthusiastic about their roles;

  5. To continue to develop and deliver a strong Foundation Year curriculum; and

  6. To add two more computer laboratories for students to build their skills and knowledge of information technology.

Contact Info

Head of Department:

Ms. Ith Putheary
Tel: (855) 16-862-497
Room: #218, Campus I