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* Explanation: The code a(b-c) indicates the study load and number of credits. In this example: 'a'= number of credits, 'b' = number of lecture hours, and 'c' = number of tutorial or practical hours.
*Note:English language, run by ELSU, runs on a variable course code system, ENG001- ENG 412 depending on students' skill level.

Total Minimum Requirements:140Credits


26hours/week Code 16 Credits
Semester One
General Education
English Language III* 2(6-0)
Basic Requirement
C Programming Language I SMA201 2(2-1)
General Analysis II SMA202 4(4-2)
General Algebra II SMA203 4(4-2)
General Mechanics I SMA204 2(2-1)
Analytical Geometry SMA205 2(2-0)
Semester Two
General Education
English Languague IV* 2(6-0)
Basic Requirement
C Programming LanguageII SMA206 2(2-1)
General Analysis III SMA207 4(4-2)
General Algebra III SMA208 4(4-2)
General MechanicsII SMA209 2(2-1)
Differential Geometry SMA201 2(2-0)

Year III

Semester One
26hours/week Code 16 Credits
General Education
English Language V*
Basic Requirement
Topology I SMA301 4(4-2)
Advanced Analysis SMA302 3(3-1)
Linear Algebra I SMA303 3(3-1)
Probability I SMA304 2(2-1)
Operation Research I SMA305 2(2-1)
Semester Two
General Education
English VI*
Basic Requirement
TopologyII SMA301 3(3-1)
Complex Variable SMA307 3(3-1)
Linear Algebra II SMA308 3(3-1)
Probability II SMA309 2(2-1)
Operation ResearchII SMA310 2(2-1)

Year IV

Semester One
26hours/week Code 18 Credits
Major Courses
Mathematical Analysis SMA401 3(3-1)
Mesure Theory I SMA402 4(4-2)
Differential in Banach Space I SMA403 4(4-3)
Group Theory SMA404 4(4-2)
Numerical Analysis SMA504 3(3-1)
Semester Two
26Hours/Week Code 18 Credits
Major Courses
Mathematical Statistic II SMA406 3(3-1)
Measure Theory II SMA407 4(4-2)
Differentials in Banach Space II SMA408 4(4-2)
Module Theory SMA409 4(4-2)
Numerical Analysis II SMA410 3(3-1)

Contact Info

Head of Department:

Mr. Ly Srouch
Tel: (855) 12-875-057
Email: mathematics.info(at)rupp.edu.kh
Office Room: # 113B, Campus I


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