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Admission Requirements

Admission to the Master of Science in Climate Change follows existing RUPP rules for postgraduate entry:

  1. A bachelor degree or equivalent degree in natural or social sciences from a recognised University in the field of natural resource management, development studies, forestry, fisheries, agriculture, environment, geography, biology, mathematics, physics, computer science; or

  2. A degree in any discipline from a recognised University

  3. Potential students must pass an Entrance Examination

  4. Potential students from a non-science background must successfully pass a three course Bridging Program prior to enrolment

Application Requirements

  1. Application form (2) (one in Khmer and one in English for Cambodian applicants; one in English for foreign applicants)

  2. A certified copy of Bachelor’s degree or an equivalent

  3. A copy of bachelor transcript

  4. Research Plan (completed with the application forms)

  5. Recent 4 x 6 photos (3)

  6. Recent 3 x 4 photos (2)

  7. Application and Entrance Examination Fees: US$ 20.00 (non-refundable)

Documents Type Download
MCC Application Form in Khmer DOC Download
MCC Application Form in English DOCX Download

Entrance Examination

The entrance examination is organized to test knowledge of students in general basic science and their English proficiency. The test of general basic science lasts 120 minutes while English test (interview) takes 20 minutes.

Tuition Fee

The tuition fee for the entire program (24 months) is US$ 2,000 for Cambodians or US$ 4,000 for foreigners. This fee should be paid by US$ 500.00 or 1,000 installments at the beginning of each semester or by US$ 1,000 or 2,000 installments at the start of each academic year.

Class Schedule Available

Week Day Time Weekend Time
Monday-Friday 8:00-20:00 Saturday 08:30-11:30
Saturday 08:30-11:30
Sunday 08:30-11:30

Academic Calendar

  • Registration Deadline: Feb/Oct 16

  • Examination Date: Feb/Oct 27

  • Class Start: Mar/Nov

Contact Info

Program Committee:

Tel: (855) 16-506-888
(855) 11-956-973
Email: mcc@rupp.edu.kh
Office: Room 317A, Building A

Student Life

Foreign students who are interested in studying in Cambodia should first approach their national government. read more...