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The Royal Government of Cambodia is committed to advancing Cambodia’s capacities in climate change adaptation and mitigation; the Government’s strategic plan (Cambodia Climate Change Strategic Plan 2014-2023) specifically directs resources to higher education to build climate change capacities. The MSc in Climate Change is designed to develop human resources at the mid-level of government agencies, private sector and in NGO’s in related fields, who currently lack capacity for climate change adaptation, mitigation and development planning. Also, the MSc in Climate Change will attract new science graduates, graduates from any discipline and other qualified professionals including international students. Government departments, private sector and NGO’s will benefit from staff being exposed to the most contemporary thinking about climate change adaptation and mitigation. Students will be engaged in general learning and teaching strategies that develop generic graduate capabilities and competencies in project planning, project management and implementation, advanced communications skills that promote participatory agendas as well as research, monitoring and evaluation skills related to climate change.

The development of a new Master of Science in Climate Change is an important milestone for the University that helps fulfill its Strategic Development Plan 2014-2018. The Master of Science in Climate Change aligns directly the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport’s Climate Change Action Plan for Education (2014-2018); it also aims to address the findings of a major study in 2015 that determined the capacity skills gaps in relation to climate change in the Cambodian government’s key Ministries. Furthermore, the program has been designed with experiences from USAID funded LEAD program, Disaster Risk Management Project supported by Asian Disaster Preparedness Center, and CIDA funded Urban Climate Resilience in Southeast Asia Partnership (UCRSEA) that trained relevant RUPP lecturers to mainstream climate change and disaster risk management into the tertiary curriculum.

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