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Learning and Teaching

The learning activities that students undertake will support them to develop practice and extend their knowledge and skills in a challenging but supported learning environment. A range of learning approaches will be used in conjunction with overall curriculum design to develop these attributes in students.

These include:

  • Group learning and group project tasks;

  • Laboratory-based practical workshops to practice and refine research skills;

  • Case studies which provide structured exploration of important concepts and their application;

  • Field work in regional provinces;

  • Developing opportunities for students to establish professional learning networks that can be continued once they graduate.


Students of the Master of Science in Climate Change will have access to the usual learning and teaching resources of the University. The Hun Sen Library is a new purpose built library on Campus 1 of RUPP. Students will also have access to a range of relevant online and e-learning resources to support their learning. Students will undertake relevant fieldwork in Cambodia’s provinces and these opportunities are an important learning resource. The Bridging Courses are designed to support students from a non-science background. Below are suggested links to Climate Change resources: - Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) Secretariat:

Contact Info

Program Committee:

Tel: (855) 16-506-888
(855) 11-956-973
Email: mcc@rupp.edu.kh
Office: Room 317A, Building A


For students who are looking for a scholarship, RUPP provides a number of sources of scholarships. read more...