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Graduation Policy

To graduate with a degree, students are required to complete the coursework (see Curriculum) and pass a thesis defense.

  1. Students who fail to get a GPA of 2.75 from the first 2 semesters will not be allowed to enroll in the third semester.

  2. Students who get a GPA of 2.75 from the first 2 semesters are allowed to submit a thesis proposal.

  3. Students who fail a thesis proposal will repeat just one time with the next cohort.

  4. Students who fail a thesis proposal a second time will be dropped from the program.

  5. Students have 4 years since enrollment to complete the program. They can suspend their study two times, one time for one year. The first suspension is free of charge. The second suspension incurs a year’s tuition fee.

Repetition of Courses

Students who fail any course(s) must take make-up exam(s) within one month. Those who fail the make-up exam(s) must retake the course(s) by cost (i.e., 1 course = USD 150.00) with the next cohort. Those who fail three or more courses in a semester will be dropped from the program.

Extension of Coursework

  • Students must complete the coursework and thesis defense within 4 years upon enrollment.

  • Students may extend their coursework by course or by semester with incurrence of course or semester fee.

  • Extension of the coursework must be applied before the inception of the course or semester. Late submission of extension means failure and students re-take the course(s) with the next cohort.

  • Students may resume the coursework before the extension's due date by informing the Program Coordinator in writing.

  • Tuition fees paid for enrolled courses or semesters cannot be re-deemed for next courses or semesters within the cohort and with the next cohort.

  • Suspension of Thesis Defense

    • Students are allowed to suspend their thesis defense for 2 times (one year for one time) if they cannot do the defense by the due date set in their cohort.

    • The suspension may be applied when the students cannot complete their coursework within two years set in their cohort or when they cannot complete their thesis by the due date set in their cohort.

    • In the latter case, students apply for the suspension 3 months before the defense date. Late submission of suspension means failure and students will do the defense with the next cohort.

    • Failed students still need to apply for a one-year suspension in order to do the defense with the next cohort. In this case, students will pay a supervision fee of USD 500.00.

    • The first suspension (for one year) is free of charge, except in the above case. The second suspension (for another year) incurs a year’s tuition fee to be paid upon submission of suspension.

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