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Academic Staff

Full Lecturing and Supervision Staff

Mr. Chhinh Sitha, Ph.D. MEd. Program Director
Ms. Tao Nary, PhD MEd. Deputy Program Director
Ms. Keng Chan Sopheak, PhD Lecturer/MEd
Mr. Heng Kreng, PhD Lecturer/MEd
Mr. Ly Monirith, PhD Lecturer/MEd
Ms. Chhoun Rumreassey, PhD Lecturer/MEd
Ms. Haing Sivpheng, Med Lecturer/MEd
Mr. Sot Visal, MEd Lecturer/MEd
Mr. Hor Youhan, MEd Lecturer/MEd
Ms. Khieu Dany, MEd Lecturer/MEd
Mr. Chey Chan Oeurn, PhD RUPP Lecturer
Ms. Gail Dickinson, PhD Fulbright Scholar to MEd program
Mr. No Fata, Ph.D Lecturer/ MoEYS
Mr. Dy Sam Sideth, PhD Lecturer/MoEYS
Mr. Mok Sarom, PhD Lecturer/ MoEYS

Part-time Lecturing and Supervision Staff

H.E. Neth Barom, PhD RAC Advisor
Mr. Nith Bunlay, PhD Deputy Director General, Higher Education Directorate
Mr. Un Leang, PhD Deputy Director, Department of Higher Education
Mr. In Vichet, PhD ILF Lecturer
Mr. Ros Soveacha, PhD Education Specialist/UNESCO
Mr. Leng Simmon, PhD IFL Lecturer-RUPP
Mr. Yun Kea, PhD IFL Lecturer-RUPP
Mr. Heribert Hinzen, PhD Regional Director/DVV International
Mr. Ouk Diven, PhD Lecturer/RUPP
Mr. Roth Chhang, PhD Director of Graduate Program Accreditation/ACC
Ms. Ngoun Sokcheng, PhD Official, MoEYS
Mr. Chan Sophal, MEd Lecturer/IFL-RUPP
Ms. Heng Sokha, MEd M.A Coordinator/IFL-RUPP
Mr. Vong Chhorvy, MEd Lecturer/IFL-RUPP
Mr. Sam Chan Phirun, PhD Candidate Lecturer/IFL-RUPP

Guest Lecturers

In addition to taking regular courses, students will attend various guest lecturing sessions on emerging and vital issues related to education. Distinguished guest lecturers include high-ranking officials from MoEYS, expatriate consultants and technical advisors, country directors of NGOs, and education program specialists of well-known organizations.

Contact Info

Physical Office

RUPP Campus I, Building A, Room 210B, Russian Blvd.
Tel: 089-530-145
Dr. Sok Soth
Mr. Heng Nareth
Program Assistant
Tel(855) 012-878-197
Mr. Chin Sam Ath
Program Assistant
Tel(855) 089-575-819

Student Life

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