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Course Structure

This 54 credit degree is structured with

  1. 30 credits of CORE coursework subjects,
  2. 6 credits of major
  3. 6 credits of seminar and
  4. 12 credits for a Thesis.

Fulltime mode of study is 6 terms completed within 24 months. The degree can be studied part time to a maximum time of 4 years.

There are three EXIT points from the degree:

  1. Students who successfully complete 18 credits in terms 1 and 2 will be awarded a Graduate Certificate in Education by RUPP.

  2. Students who successfully complete 27 credits in terms 1, 2 and 3 but fail to meet the requirement in exit point 3 will be awarded a Graduate Diploma in Education by RUPP.

  3. In term 3, students are required to obtain at least grade B for Research Seminar 1 AND grade B for either Qualitative Research Method in Education OR Quantitative Research Method in Education in order to be able to enroll in subsequent terms.

Candidates who meet all the requirements in each major will be awarded Master of Arts in

  • Educational Studies

  • Higher Education Management and Development

  • Lifelong Learning

Degree Sequence (fulltime mode)

TERMS Credit
1 3 CORE Subjects 9
2 3 CORE Subjects 9
3 2 CORE Subjects
Seminar 1
4 2 CORE Subjects
Seminar 2
5 2 Majors 6
6 Thesis 12


Students are required to take the following 10 core subjects, 2 seminars and 2 subjects of their major. Some subjects could be delivered in intensive blocks.

A. Core Subjects (CS)

Terms Codes Titles Credit
1 ED2001 Analytical Reading Skills for Graduate Studies 3
ED2002 Composition Skills for Graduate Studies
ED2005 Sociology of Education
2 ED2006 Philosophy of Education
ED2007 Critical Pedagogy
ED2008 Development of Education in Cambodia
3 ED2003 Quantitative Research Method in Education
ED2004 Qualitative Research Method in Education
ED2009 Research Seminar 1
4 ED2010 Project Cycle Management in Education
ED2017 Fieldwork
ED2012 Research Seminar 2

B. Elective Majors

The Master of Education will offer three majors. The two subjects in each major will be offered in term 5 together with seminar 2.

Terms Codes Title Credit
1. Major in Education Studies:
5 ED2013 EL Educational Leadership 3
5 ED2014 E1 Educational Policy 3
2. Major in Higher Education Management and Development:
5 ED2019 HEM Higher Education Management 3
5 ED2020 HED Higher Education Development 3
3. Major in Lifelong Learning:
5 ED2025 Training and Professional Development 3
5 ED2026 Human Resource Development in the Organization 3

C. Thesis

Terms Codes Titles Credits
6 MEd-MT Thesis 12

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