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Master of IT Engineering (MITE) upgrades skills and knowledge of students in information and telecommunication technologies to a specialist level for a variety of ICT careers ranging from programmers/software developers, IT consultants, project managers in IT, network specialists to wireless and mobile engineers by allowing students to absorb sound knowledge of the latest development and research trends in ICT around the world. We also prepare students to understand how research efforts in ICT are conducted by introducing students to international research projects around the world and allowing them to be able to develop their own research projects to catch up with the international academic standards.

Career Prospects

The graduates of our master program are expected to have acquired industrial-scale knowledge such as software engineering, database design and development, networking, telecommunications, and so on. After being awarded this degree, our graduates are expected to be employed as:

  • Programmers/Software developers
  • Database administrators/programmers
  • System analysts
  • IT consultants
  • Researchers or system developers
  • Network administrators or specialists
  • Wireless and mobile specialists
  • IT lecturers, trainers or educators
  • Sales and Marketing managers in IT or electronic companies

Contact Info

Program Director:

Mr. Phal Des
Tel: (855) 92-855-092, 023-640-0200
Room #217B, Campus I


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