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The Philosophy Department was established in 1981, with the objective of developing students understanding of political science and human values, which are necessary for building a society with firm foundations. The study of philosophy and political science promotes critical thinking and reasoning skills in students, who go on to provide human resources critical for the country's development.

Since 1996, the degree of Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy has benefited from the extensive support of New Humanity, an Italian NGO. Over the years, members of the department have received extensive training from various international institutions including New Humanity and the Catholic University of Milan (Italy), Hong Kong University (Hong Kong), Sydney University (Australia), and Ateneo de Manila University (Philippines).

In addition, the department receives supports from Maryknoll to generate this MA program for strengthening potentiality and abilities of students, government officers etc. This is one of the important parts of activities to develop Cambodia.

Contact Info

Program Coordinator:

Dr. Saphon Somolireasmey
Tel: (855) 12 250 368
(855) 69 777 855
Email: saphon.somolireasmey@rupp.edu.kh
Office: Campus II

Assistant to the Program:

Prof. Mech Samphors
Tel: (855) 12 581 106
Email: mech_samphors@yahoo.com
Address: Office of MA in Philosophy (Room: 111), Royal University of Phnom Penh (Campus 2)

Student Life

Foreign students who are interested in studying in Cambodia should first approach their national government. read more...