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Graduates of the M.A. program in philosophy at RUPP will:

  1. Understand and analyze fundamental philosophical questions, especially those which have shaped the Cambodian idea landscape, and

  2. Compare responses to those questions across Eastern and Western philosophical traditions;

  3. Evaluate the philosophical claims of recognized philosophers and

  4. Articulate and defend their own views;

  5. Comprehend the major theories of moral philosophy and hone ability to apply them to real-life situations;

  6. Develop advanced research skills;

  7. Write an original, high-quality philosophy thesis;

  8. Improve English language competency which includes

    • developing ability to read and understand primary texts in philosophy;

    • strengthening skills in philosophical essay writing;

    • improving speaking skills and confidence through presentations, debates, and other activities;

    • increasing breadth of knowledge of philosophical terminology in English.

Contact Info

Program Coordinator:

Dr. Saphon Somolireasmey
Tel: (855) 12 250 368
(855) 69 777 855
Email: saphon.somolireasmey@rupp.edu.kh
Office: Campus II

Assistant to the Program:

Prof. Mech Samphors
Tel: (855) 12 581 106
Email: mech_samphors@yahoo.com
Address: Office of MA in Philosophy (Room: 111), Royal University of Phnom Penh (Campus 2)


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