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Erasmus Mondus Scholarship Program

Posted: 2008-12-18 08:51:29

By: Information Technology Center


  1. APU: Asian Partner University
  2. EPU: European Partner University (see reverse side)

Beneficiaries Target Groups

  1. TG1: members (student and staff) of EMMA-APU
  2. TG2: nationals of EMMA-APU countries
  3. TG3: students in vulnerable1 situation living in EMMA-APU countries

Fields of study (programme open to all fields)

  1. Agricultural Sciences;
  2. Architecture, Urban and Regional Planning;
  3. Art and Design;
  4. Business Studies and Management Sciences;
  5. Education, Teacher Training;
  6. Engineering, Technology;
  7. Geography, Geology;
  8. Humanities;
  9. Languages;
  10. Law,
  11. Mathematics, Informatics,
  12. Medical Sciences,
  13. Natural Sciences,
  14. Social Sciences,
  15. Communication and Information Sciences.

Short-term mobility

your home university agrees with the hosting university that the successful teaching you receive abroad will be recognized for your home diploma.

  • Bachelor: 6 months
  • Master: 11 months
  • Doctorate: 18 months.

Long-term mobility

you get your diploma from the hosting university or possibly a double diploma.

  • Bachelor: 10 (final year) or 34 months
  • Master: 22 months;
  • Doctorate: 34 months.

Full support

means all expanses for visa, travel, insurance, living, tuition in the EMMA-EPU depending on the level of the individual mobility flow.


EMMA means Erasmus Mundus Mobility with Asia. It is a programme run by the EMMA consortium (18 universities), fully supported by the European Commission under the supervision of the Erasmus Mundus External Cooperation Window run by EACEA.

* You have a refugee status or are an asylum beneficiary, you have been the object of unjustified expulsion, you belong to a population targeted by a specifi national policy.

Is EMMA of interest to you?

Are you preparing a Bachelor degree in one of the EMMA-APU?

You may get full support to spend one semester or year in an EMMA-EPU and get your degree from your home university (TG1, short-term) or from the hosting university (TG1, long-term).

Are you preparing a Master degree in an Asian university, partner (TG1) or not (TG2)?

You may get full support to spend one year (short-term) or two (long-term) in one EMMA-EPU and get your degree from your home (short-term) or host (long-term) university.

Do you wish to write a Doctorate/PhD thesis?

You may get full support to spend three semesters (short-term) or three years (long-term) in an EMMA-EPU and get your PhD or Doctorate from your home (short-term) or from the host (long-term) university.

Are you in a particularly vulnerable situation (TG3)?

You may even get full support for one full year or full cycle (Bachelor, Master, Doctorate) in one EMMA-EPU.

Did you recently fi nish your Doctorate/PhD?

You may get full support to spend 10 months in one of the EMMA-EPU's laboratory (Postdoc).

Are you staff-member of one of the EMMA-APU?

You may get full support to spend 2 months in one of the EMMA-EPU for improving your personal skills and knowledge of the European Higher Education system.

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