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Lecturers' Research Interest

NGIN Chanrith, Ph.D. (Nagoya University, Japan)

Development theories, rural development, and civil society. I have researched and published in the areas of civil society, decentralization, community development, migration, natural resource management, higher education, and vocational training. Ongoing interest comprises social enterprise, community network, territorial rural development, and education and middle income trap.

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CHHINH Sitha, Ph.D. (Hiroshima University, Japan)

Policy and political economy of education. I look at development theory and practice from education perspective. My area of teaching and research focuses on policy and political economy of education and how they contribute to development of other social sectors. My current longitudinal research project looks at the political economy of schooling in Cambodia, focusing on issues of quality and equity. I am a teacher and trainer in both qualitative and quantitative research and evaluation in education and development.

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Department of Community Development (DCD)

HENG Naret, Ph.D. (UPLB, The Philippines)

Community development and cooperative management. My research concerns local irrigation management, social capital, cooperative management, poverty reduction, rural livelihoods, climate change and social vulnerability assessment, and payment of ecosystem services. Recent works include vulnerability assessment of climate change in Southeast Asia and livelihood improvement through learning and sharing knowledge of model farmers in Cambodia.

YIN Soriya, Ph.D. (University of Minnesota, USA)

Tourism, environment, and community development. I have conducted research related to NGO and development issues in Cambodia and the Greater Mekong Sub-region, and have published on poverty reduction, organizational capacity development, climate change, disaster risk reduction, and ecotourism.

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DORK Vuthy, Ph.D. Candidate (Tsukuba University, Japan)

Cultural anthropology and ethnicity. I have studied the strategies for survival among the indigenous highlander Phnong in the process of sociocultural transformation in Cambodian society. My research interest focuses on the interaction between the indigenous highlander Phnong and forest resources from the perspective of cultural ecology, shifting cultivation, ethnic identity, belief systems, and indigenous knowledge.

CHAP Nimol, Ph.D. Candidate (University of Trento, Italy)

Rural sociology, technological change, and migration. I have conducted research into technological adaptation, rural-urban livelihoods, structural changes, labor process and migration in Cambodia.

MEN Prachvuthy, M.A. (Royal University of Phnom Penh, Cambodia)

Tourism, poverty, and community development. My research interest encompasses poverty and livelihoods, community development, social enterprise and social change, pro-poor tourism and value chains, and land governance.

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HAM Kakada, M.A. (Royal University of Phnom Penh, Cambodia)

Gender issues, rural livelihoods, and community development. My research interest focuses on climate change, women’s empowerment, gender and development, livelihood improvement, and community development.

CHOU Phanith, Ph.D. Candidate (Nagoya University, Japan)

Agricultural economics and rural development. Research experience includes rural development, environmental economics, natural resource management, and climate change. Currently, I am doing research into ecosystem services, biodiversity conservation, and agricultural technology response to climate change.

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DUONG Chanmettachampavieng, Ph.D. Candidate (Khon Kaen University, Thailand)

Epidemiology in mental health and psychology. Research interest includes mental health needs and services in schools, child and adolescent development, and community-based mental health interventions. Currently, I am working on “Level of Posttraumatic Stress Disorder Symptoms and Associated Risk Factors in Cambodian Adolescents”.

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CHHOURN Chamnap, Ph.D. Candidate (Asia Europe University, Cambodia)

Law, administration, and human rights. Research interest includes law and development, public administration, community legal services, and democracy.

KE Sambo, M.A. (Royal University of Phnom Penh, Cambodia)

Clinical and counseling psychology. My research concerns “Effectiveness of Psycho Education Intervention on Students’ Self Esteem”. Recent interest focuses on “Relationship between Soft Skill Development and Employability for Cambodian People in Preparing for ASEAN Integration”.

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SORN Vun, M.Ed. (Royal University of Phnom Penh, Cambodia)

Educational management and planning. My research interest involves quality assurance, English language quality management system, and English language learning and teaching. Current focus is on good governance, especially at grassroots level, and decentralization at community level.

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Department of Economic Development (DED)

LY Kimlong, Ph.D. Candidate (Montpellier SupAgro, France, and Copenhagen University, Denmark)

Agricultural economics, rural development, and economic development. I am currently doing research into “Youth integration into smallholding farming in Cambodia”. The subject of interest is in application of institutional economics to understand smallholding agriculture, agrarian change, rural livelihoods, and migration in developing countries.

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SPOANN Vin, Ph.D. Candidate (Warsaw University, Poland)

Environmental economics, behavioral economics, and urban environmental management. Research interest includes water and sanitation services, waste economy, and benefits and costs of investment projects. Recent works focus on economic valuation of ecosystem services and climate risk management.

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HENG Molyaneth, Ph.D. (Nagoya University, Japan)

Rural and regional development and economic development. My research interest is mainly in, but not limited to, labor migration, poverty reduction, rural development, gender and development, and education and skill development.

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KIM Dinath, M.A. (Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand)

Educational development, policy and planning. My research interest includes curriculum development, educational policy and management, assessment, and language education.

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SOK Chandara, M.A. (Burapha University, Thailand)

Political science, social administration, and business development. My main interest focuses on social administration, business development, and sale and marketing management.

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KIM Veara, Ph.D. Candidate (Nagoya University, Japan)

Regional development and economic development. My research interest includes small and medium enterprise development, value chains, and industrial development. Currently, I am working on “Upgrading in the Rice Milling Industry in Cambodia”.

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NGOV Penghuy, Ph.D. (Nagoya University, Japan)

Development economics and international economics. My research concerns impact of foreign direct investment on economic growth and poverty reduction. Recent work focuses on ASEAN economic integration and its impact on latecomers such as Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, and Vietnam.

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NOP Sothun, M.A. (University of Queensland, Australia)

Development planning, policy, and community development. My research interest focuses on governance, climate resilience, urban planning, social audit, natural resource management, and community livelihoods.

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YI Rosa, M.A. (Waseda University, Japan)

International development and policy studies. My research interest covers various issues related to local development and politics. I attend particularly to issues of politics of climate change and migration, labor migration and community development, migration and climate change, rural vulnerability, institutional decision-making, and policy implementation.

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KEM Sothorn, Ph.D. Candidate (University of Queensland, Australia)

Agricultural economics, rural development, and poverty reduction. Research interest includes agricultural value chain, agricultural policy, agricultural credit, rural livelihood improvement, youth, and social protection.

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CHHINH Nyda, Ph.D. Candidate (Flinders University, Australia)

Environmental economics, geographical information systems, and remote sensing. My areas of focus are environmental economics, water resources, food security, land use and cover, surface hydrology and meteorology, and relationship between flood and drought and agricultural development.

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SOK Serey, Ph.D. (Hong Kong Baptist University, Hong Kong)

Environment, resources, and development. Research areas cover rural development, poverty, food security, sustainable livelihoods, human development, environmental conservation, and resources tracking in the context of the Greater Mekong Sub-region.

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Department of Natural Resource Management and Development (DNRMD)

SEAK Sophat, Ph.D. (Asian Institute of Technology, Thailand)

Natural resource management, aquaculture, and aquatic resource management. Research interest includes natural resource management and biodiversity conservation. My current research areas focus on participatory biodiversity monitoring related to management intervention, hydropower development, rural livelihoods and climate change adaptation in the Mekong region, with emphasis on conservation and livelihood improvement of rural communities.

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HOY Sereivathanak Reasey, Ph.D. Candidate (Vietnam National University, Vietnam)

Ecology, environmental science, and conflict management and policy. Research interest comprises natural resource preservation, rational exploitation and restoration, ecosystems, community livelihoods, costal zone management, and economic valuation.

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RATH Sethik, Ph.D. Candidate (University of Sibiu, Romania)

Regional and rural development planning, and higher education management. Research interest includes university education management, planning and policy, rural literacy, biodiversity conservation, environmental education, and sustainable development.

HAM Kim Kong, M.Sc. (Asian Institute of Technology, Thailand)

Environmental economics, water governance, and political ecology. Research interest spans in the areas of hydropower development and climate change resilience, climate communication related to risks in the Mekong river, sustainable forestry management, and Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA). Current works focus on political ecology of hydropower development, impacts of social-ecological changes on farming practices in watershed areas, and climate communication to improve local adaptation in the deltas of the Mekong region.

SAN Vibol, M.Phil. (King Mongkut's University of Technology Thonburi, Thailand)

Environmental technology, clean energy, and climate change. Research interest covers energy and environment, climate change and ecosystem, sustainable energy, water resource management, environmental economics, forest and climate change, and hydropower development.

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CHOEUN Kimseng, M.Sc. (Khon Kaen University, Thailand)

Soil science, environmental geochemistry, and sustainable agriculture. Research interest focuses on soil, sedimentation and water pollutions; soil nutrition management; rice and rubber plantation, soil classification and fertility management; and land use management and environmental soil conservation for sustainable agricultural development in response to climate change.

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