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  1. System Support for Mobile and Distributed Multimedia Computing

    This project seeks to develop Mobile and Distributed Multimedia Computing as an area of research in Cambodia and a topic to be taught at RUPP to students of the Master in Information Technology course. The I.T. Center collaborates with outside researchers in this field, in particular with Prof.Dr. Alexander Schill of the Technische Universitat of Dresden in Germany, a leading figure in this research field.

    Within this field, the I.T Center focuses on distributed systems and mobile computing. This will comprise of advanced service-oriented architectures, infrastructure for mobile and ubiquitous information processing, and quality of service support for multimedia applications. With Prof.Dr. Alexander Schill, the I.T. Center will also work on the negotiation of quality of service requirements of distributed multimedia applications between different communication partners.

    The I.T. Center is also developing a new course or a series of courses teaching Mobile and Distributed Multimedia Computing for the Master of Science (Information Technology) course at RUPP. The I.T. Center will also train RUPP faculty in Mobile and Distributed Multimedia Computing, thus ensuring the sustainability of this course.

  2. Software engineering: Preparing for Offshore Outsourcing Software Development.

    This initiative seeks to involve Cambodia in the development of offshore software outsourcing. This will comprise a study of the qualification requirements for offshore outsourcing software development, and of preparing RUPP students for participation within this competitive development environment.

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Deputy Director:

Mr. Ngorn Moi
Room #217B, Campus I
Tel: (855) 92-855-092


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